Monday, December 28, 2009

GH2 by Gran Habano

So before I left the shop on Christmas Eve, I picked up a bundle of GH2 by Gran Habano cigars off the Cigar Monster because the price was right - just $24.99 if I remember correctly. I wanted something to smoke during the holiday, but since my wallet was light after the holiday season, the monster delivered a reasonable deal.

You may notice I'm wearing green today, that's because the Philadelphia Eagles are looking like the team to beat in the NFC - works for me! Twas a nail-biter last night coming down the wire but D-nabb and the boys pulled it off.

Anyway, enough Monday morning quarterbacking about the Beast of the NFC East that is long overdue for a Superbowl ring, and back to this GH2 by Gran Habano corono gorda bundle I bought to hold me over till I returned to the cigar shop this brisk Monday morning - a bit nipply out there today (.)(.)

Bobby Rica from Half Smoked asked me how the GH2 cigar smoked via my Facebook (friend me up!) so figured I'd burn 'n blog about it today.

Construction - the cigar is put together well, I haven't noticed anything weird. no unraveling, took the cutter like a champ.

Color - dark and rich Habano wrapper, coffee color, it's twat I like, I'm not big into the lighter color cigars that literally resemble cardboard (think Phillies blunt). Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of excellent cigars with light wrappers.

Taste - full-bodied flavor, seems like a *hint* of chocolate and coffee, with a matching aroma. I'm still learning the differences between tastes and the plethora of adjectives used to describe stogie flavors, so pardon me if you are an aficionado and have a more refined opinion. Your comments are welcome, by all means! After all, I admitted to being a newbie when I started the blog.

Smoke - thick n creamy

Burn - burns evenly, only had to relight once so far because I left the room for a bit.

At full retail price, it's worth checking out, but that's why you have to perioidically check the monster for those no-brainer opportunities to try a new cigar, and perhaps make it a full-fledged member of your cigar rotation. At a buck a stick off the Cigar Monster it's hard to deny the Gran Habano GH2 some love.

I think of the Cigar Monster as my testing grounds for new cigars because nothing's worse than buying a bundle of cigars at full price that you end up not liking "here you go buddy, try these..."

The GH2 by Gran Habano was worth the 1/2 calorie I burned cutting and lighting this stogie - it's tough work lifting cigars, but someone's gotta do it so it might as well be me!

Until next time...keep smokin!


  1. Great review. Look forward to smoking one.

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